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Capital for Climate is a climate solution investment accelerator

We facilitate strategy formulation, asset allocation, and opportunity sourcing across all science-based decarbonization pathways by offering the following services:

An Investment Intelligence Platform
Specialized Investment Communities
Executive Education
Catalytic Advisory
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Exponential Emission Reduction Pathways to Limit Global Warming to 1.5℃ (Source: Exponential Roadmap Initiative)

Investment Intelligence Platform

Capital for Climate's open access platform focuses today on Nature-based Solutions. It was launched at COP26 in collaboration with the U.N.'s High-Level Climate Champions. More sectors will follow.

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Investment Communities

Join communities that bring together investors, entrepreneurs, and experts to shape the market and drive capital to investments that reduce GHGs, enhance biodiversity, and promote a just transition.

Capital for Climate currently facilitates the Brazil NbS Investment Collaborative. Its purpose is to mobilize $5B in regional and international capital to NbS enterprises with the potential to scale to millions of hectares by 2030. It is led by Brazil’s foremost NbS-focused investors; with anchor funding from The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Finance Hub.

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Other ways to accelerate your climate solution investment journey

Catalytic Advisory

Leverage our expertise and networks to develop strategy, perform strategic asset allocation, and diligence opportunities.
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Executive Education

Climate solution investment is hard. Get your team up-to-speed fast with customized learning from experts.
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What’s new in climate investment?

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Apr 16, 2024
$5.9 Billion across 22 deals in climate (5.3 billion) nature-based solutions ($76 million), and hard to abate industries ($508 million).
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Apr 9, 2024
$32.5 Billion across 20 deals in climate ($28.9 Billion) and nature-based solutions ($3.6 billion), and hard to abate industries ($45 million).
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Apr 2, 2024
$6.4 billion across 25 deals in climate ($4.8 billion), nature-based solutions ($1.1 billion), and hard to abate sectors ($473 Million).
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Mar 26, 2024
$29.5 Billion across 19 deals in climate ($17.9 billion), nature-based solutions ($587), and hard to abate industries ($11 billion).
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